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The other day I was skimming through some old cds and I came across this little diddy. I’ve never had the chance to see In the Heights on Broadway but based on the soundtrack I would love to go if I have that chance. The following song has always reached deep within me and struck a heart string. Maybe it’s the intimidating responsibility to provide for a family in the future or maybe it relates to my own desires to change the world someday. I’m grateful that my parents have always been my greatest support and have never tried to hold me back from doing crazy things and living my dreams. I hope that I never become a stumbling block for my children either. The picture on the following clip is a bit weird at times but the audio was the best out of the Youtube clips that I found. Check it out…

Lyrics Here

Continuing on the Broadway theme. Here is a clip from the first show that I ever saw on Times Square, Wicked. I had never heard the soundtrack before winning the lottery tickets and getting front row seats. I have since listened to this beautiful arrangement over and over again. Absolutely stunning! The following is probably the most popular of the Wicked soundtrack… it’s sooooo GOOD! I feel like I’m ready for this in my life… Time to start defying gravity!

I think I’m going to buy myself a Christmas present this year. For Christmas break I am going to buy myself tickets to see Lion King in Vegas. Who wants to come? I mean really, Doesn’t it look fun?