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So my story starts at approximately 2:30 this afternoon during my 4th year Russian class. For some odd reason the speakers connected to the main multi-media computer at the front of the classroom were not working. It was just an overall bad day for the professor because his funny clip that he wanted to use as a discussion starter wasn’t going to work and the kid who was supposed to give a presentation in class didn’t show up. What to do with all that extra time? Well, we are all college students, which definitely makes us qualified to figure out sticky situations like this one. I happened to have my laptop with speakers on it. So we connected my computer to the projector, plugged in his USB drive and cranked the volume as loud as it could so that most in the room could hear.

Part two, I’m sitting in the periodicals section of the library getting ready to study. Well, if you know anything about the BYU periodicals section it’s the quiet area or the area that I sometimes refer to as the “shhhh” zone. Tonight it was especially quiet and people were actually studying. I pulled up a comfortable chair to my table, plugged in my computer, got out my books, had the pre-study whisper catch-up with my roommate and then I was prepared to get to work. Got out my headphones, plugged them in, and put them in my ears. See where I’m going with this? I pressed play and got a BLAST of sound to blow out my eardrums. Yep, I hadn’t used my computer since the Russian class where my computer was top volume. I quickly jerked them out of my ears and realized that people from clear across the room were all looking in my direction and chuckling. Glad I could lighten the mood for someone tonight…