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Well, it’s been just over a month now since we had general conference. The great thing about general conference is that it lives on as we continue to study the talks that were given. Why don’t you take a few fifteen minutes to remind yourself about what we learned by watching the video below?

You can watch, read, and listen to all of these messages in full HERE.

My dear friends, general conference is a source of God’s word here on earth. The words written can lead us and direct us to make the most critical of decisions in our lives. As you read, not only will the things said touch your heart but the action of reading alone will allow God to whisper to you personal messages. God wants to speak to us. He wants to speak to YOU. He loves us. He loves YOU. He wants us to know His will for us. He wants YOU to know His will for YOU. Allow Him to talk to you by turning towards Him and listening. Please read and study the words of His servants, His apostles and prophets, as given in this last General Conference. If you do, you will know…