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So I was reading another blog post about the Validation video that I posted yesterday and I liked some things that she said. It was a bit of a long read and wordy but I liked a few of the things that she said (I’m assuming a “she” wrote the post). Read her whole post here. Some clips from her post that I think are worth considering:

(You might want to watch the movie from my previous post if you haven’t already before reading)

“He, himself, turned into a gloomy, non-smiling person. When people came back for validation, they discovered he was not the person he used to be, and that he won’t make them feel good about themselves as he used to do, so they decided to leave right away… That reminded me of “real” and “not-so-real” friends… Everyone in this life… EVERYONE… has their “up-times” as well as their “down-times”… No matter how happy that person might always be, he is still human, and he might fall down for sometime… He might be the source of inspiration, support, and happiness for a lot of the people around him, however, when he gets into a down-phase, only REAL friends stick around to support him, and give him some of the encouragement, and inspiration that he has always given them, until he regains his strength and gets back to who he really is. The “Not-So-Real” ones disappear right away, if they don’t get what they want from him (in this situation; making them feel good about themselves), just like what happened in the movie!”

“Every one of us remembers this stranger/friend that once told them something good about their outfit, about their personality, about their handwriting, about their positive attitude, about their friendliness, about their children, or even about their smile! And we remember how it affected us at that time, and how it still makes us happy when we remember it now… So why don’t we do this more often??!!… When we feel this person has changed our lives in a certain way, or when we think that a certain person is worth being thanked or supported, why don’t we do it right away (if at all!)??”

“Victoria told Hugh: “yes… Because you are great… You are amazing!”, and he replied: “No one has said that about me before!”… That really touched me! Sometimes, we have someone in our lives… Someone who is always supportive, always loves to encourage us and loves to see us happy, but we seldom remember to thank them, and make them feel how amazing we think they are!”

Here’s to all my amazing friends! I have a lot of them! Several people have mentioned to me this last week that I have A LOT of great friends. They are right, I’ve been blessed with many many friends who stick around through the thick and thin, many GREAT friends. Thanks to ya’ll!

“You are great! You are Amazing!”