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Doesn’t this place sound fun? I first discovered this restaurant while lost somewhere on the highway between Springville and Mapleton. A friend and I were looking for a party and passed this place several times before finding our way. I was sure at that time that the real party was going down here. We got a good laugh about how the name, T-bone, fit the location, on a random corner on the outskirts of two towns. I think their were even a group of sweet motorcycles parked out front. The amusement continued when we read the fine print, “Chinese-American Cuisine” and noticed the bright dragon lights above the door. The name didn’t seem to match the food classification. T-bones Chinese? From that day, I knew that sooner or later my destiny would again lead me back to this junction.

Just yesterday my dear mother needed a ride to an appointment in Springville. I obliged to be chauffeur and as we neared the destination my stomach started to grumble. Once I dropped her off, I knew exactly where I was going to go… T-bone! I was in the mood for a little adventure. As I walked into the little cafe I felt as if I were being transported into another world. It was nice to get away from my own for while. With no one to greet me, I debated between sitting at the charcoal counter top near the kitchen or in the booths separated from the rest of the eatery by Lattice fencing. The formal seating looked more crowded with a few groups already seated so I chose the bar…

The little old lady absentmindedly staring into space at the end of the bar relieved all my apprehensions about this establishment. No workers were readily in sight except for a little Asian boy with a lazy eye of about 11 years meandering behind the bar. I wasn’t sure if he was just hanging out with mom at work or whether he was working himself. My question was soon answered as he handed me a menu and asked what I would be drinking. Resisting the temptation to tell him I wanted a scotch, I asked for a water with lemon. He awkwardly grabbed a glass, robotically filled it FULL of ice, and briskly threw in a lemon. Before I knew it, I had my water and he was equipped with a rag to wipe off tables. A petite Asian woman with a matching lazy eye made her way to me and asked what I wanted. At this point, life couldn’t get any better and I was ready to throw down any amount of money. I asked for her recommendation, fully intending to order whatever it was that she suggested. “Do you do spicy?” “I do.” Pointing to the menu she said, “This is good” “Done!” Nothing but business… that’s how we do. My trust in her paid off! The egg drop soup really hit the spot on such a shockingly cold day and the main dish was not only tasty but very well-proportioned.

I sat for some time in silence just taking in the atmosphere and observing the proceedings happening around me. The elderly woman at the end of the bar was continually called, “grandma” by the boy although I couldn’t tell if there was any real biological connection between them. A young girl came out from the back to help her mom take payments at the register and help with customers. The majority of the clientele knew the working-family members by name and carried out very pleasant conversations. I enjoyed the friendly local climate. About half-way through my meal I had some time to kill so I grabbed a book from my car. Slowly, I continued to munch on my meal while absorbing the content. As the time passed, the bar filled and I was frequently distracted from my reading. Soon enough, it was time to leave.

Someday, I will return to this place to study. Highly recommend it. I mean check out the decoration!

Thank you T-bone Restaurant! I was momentarily able to forget life. This was a refreshing experience that reminded me how much I love exploring new places and travelling. I needed reminding…

“Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.”
Michel de Montaigne