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So I just spent the last hour on one of my favorite websites IWasteSoMuchTime.Com while listening to my roommate talk to his new iphone. Yes, not talk ON his new iphone but talk TO his new iphone. There is a new speach recognition thing where you can talk to the phone, ask it questions, have it do stuff, and it will talk back to you. I don’t know what is more pathetic… me looking at this site or him talking TO his new phone. Anyways, here are some of my favorite things from the last little bit on the site…


What I say while looking in the mirror on a daily basis, “Brother, you get better looking every day!”

This is sad….

I love my parents! I love the home I grew up in! I love my home ward! But this picture does a good job of depicting how I’ve often felt when I’ve had to move back home after living on my own… You just feel a little claustrophobic at times. Spread your wings and fly!

Message to self… “Don’t be afraid anymore”

Oh the blondes…

Why did Bob Marley have to leave?

ha ha… spilled milk… they’re crying!

I did all this while listening to Mumford and Sons…

Hope you have a good time!