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Yesterday I had the unique opportunity of attending the Saturday morning session of General Conference. For those of you who may not know or understand what I mean when I say “General Conference,” please let me explain. In the LDS faith, every 6 months members of the church gather from all across the world to listen to God’s living prophet and apostles. We believe that the words they speak are the exact words that God would like us to hear. Their words give us guidance, direction, peace, comfort, knowledge, and help us to know how to change and be better people. They teach about a variety of topics but are centrally focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ. These conferences are the highlights of my year. They have 2 general sessions on Saturday and 2 general sessions on Sunday. Two days of pure goodness! I find that as I listen to the inspired words, I allow God to communicate with me directly. Often it’s not in the words that are spoken but the feelings that I feel that I find answers to my prayers. God loves each and every one of us! That means YOU! He wants to be a part of your life. Do we listen? Conference is your chance to listen. It’s about creating the environment where God can talk to you. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I’m excited for another full day of conference.

I had the unique experience yesterday of going with some good friends to the actual conference center in Salt Lake City.

Although this beautiful edifice above has a capacity of 21,333, there is no way that all 14 million members of the church can attend this event live. We have members all throughout the world. That is why we broadcast it! If you have some time today or anytime go here to see what the prophet and apostles have to say!
LDS General Conference October 2011

They made some pretty exciting announcements yesterday. I’m especially excited about the new temple to be built in Provo, Utah! You probably know that the Provo Tabernacle burned down last year. They are going to rebuild it as the Second Temple in Provo! Here is a picture that my best friend took just a couple of days after the event.

If you’re looking for a good photographer, he does a great job for any event! Here is a link to his website.
Captured By Dash Photography

Here is what the new temple is projected to look like! Isn’t it beautiful!?

I’m very excited for this little tidbit of news. Enjoy conference!