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About music… here are my thoughts. It seems to me that in times of love and heartbreak music takes on a new meaning. Isn’t music powerful? Music has the capacity to reach within and pull out any emotion, almost instantly. We’ve all experienced the sudden rush of excitement when one of your favorite songs comes on at a party, the onslaught of tears when you’re alone in your car and a song comes on the radio that reminds you of a lost friend or loved one, the sudden surge that crawls down your legs and causes you to dance, the spiritual burning, or the contagious confidence before a big event. Music gives new life. Music gives new perspective. Music is expression of the difficult-to-express. Thank you to you those make good music.

I’d like to post several songs that I’ve in some way connected with the past few weeks. I wish that I had a way to just create a little playlist player right here on my blog but I just haven’t figured that out yet. So… I guess the next best thing is the you tubes, right? I’m not posting any of these songs to make a statement or send a plea for help. Just something I’ve connected with. The first song is ironic because I just heard it for the first time while writing this post. Here we go…. (PS. Some of the latter music videos are really good!)

Mat Kearney, Fire and Rain Lyrics here

Andy Grammer, Keep your head up Lyrics here

Jason Mraz, Details in the Fabric Lyrics here

I’ve fallen in love with the next singer over the last few weeks. I have never been much of a John Mayer fan but I am now! I have really connected to him as of late. Great lyrics, great melodies, great music! A few of my favorites…

John Mayer, Slow dancing in a burning room Lyrics here

John Mayer, Split Screen Sadness Lyrics here

John Mayer, Dreaming with a Broken Heart Lyrics here

John Mayer, War of My Life Lyrics here

Coldplay, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Lyrics here

The following is just an amazing music video! Well done Sara!

Sara Bareilles, Gravity Lyrics here

Joshua Radin, Friend like you Lyrics here


Greg Laswell, Goodbye Lyrics here

Wow, so I just looked through my choice of music and I realized it’s all kind of broken-hearted ish. Life is really pretty good! I was tempted not to post it, but I put some time into it and the music really is good! Good quality lyrics. Good quality melodies. If you’re heartbroken… this is the post for you!

UPDATE: My sister just made a great comment on this post that I would like to share. Katie, thanks for reading I love your comments. Keep um’ coming!

“I think one thing I love about music like that is that when we are at a point where we are overcome with emotions that are in tension, or too big (positive or negative) for us to really explain (sometimes even in our own mind), there is this song that somehow gives all that confusion and emotion voice. We might not have words for it all, but we can say: ‘listen to this, this is how I feel.'”