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Have you ever been in the library all day? The sun goes down without you even knowing it because you are in a windowless room, confined to the agenda set by your classes. You have friends nearby but you just need a break. This was my Tuesday night. I found the picture above on another blog earlier this week and found it to be clever. So what to do? Create one of my own of course.

The key points to this card:

1) The point is to make people happy… no ulterior motives.
2) There is no name or phone number printed on it therefore creating a non-threatening atmosphere where no obligation or expectation is set for any return action.
3) On the back is a handwritten message to “Pass it on!” You know, to help spread the cheer.

With the cards created it was time to go for a test run on the fifth floor. Richard followed me around, inconspicuously filming on his iphone the reactions. Ha ha… he shouldn’t change his major to film because the movies didn’t really turn out. Although, he was able to get some first hand reactions just by being close by. I would deliberately walk up to a girl. Place the card on the table, say something like, “I believe this is for you,” and walk away without looking back. We got some giggles, some fist pumps, and some “Hey, I want one!” from the recipient’s friend.” I would call the experience a success. Made some people happy, got a few good laughs, and took a much needed break from the homework.

You think the story ends here… it doesn’t. The next day I’m telling a guy friend about our random fun in the library. We’re sitting on a bench in the basement of the JKB during a class break so people are walking by. I tell him about the card and as I told him what was on the card I said, “I just wanted to inform you that I find you to be very attractive” and right at that moment this random guy stops, looks our direction, and says, “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that!” Then he walked off. My buddy and I got a good laugh out of that. The guy returned not to long later after he had gotten his fill of water at the drinking fountain and we were able to explain a little of the background. Good times….

Maybe I’ll make some good quality cards and pass one out a day or something. It’ll be my good deed of the day. My roommates want me to make a stack of them for all of us to pass out. Who knows, maybe we’ll get one in return someday! Well folks… Call me creative, creepy, or just bored… that’s the story.