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Wow! Confession… I watched the entire episode of the new season of The Sing Off yesterday before my classes. I know a couple of guys in vocal point and I wanted to see how they did. My intentions were to go online, find the episode, watch their little clip, and turn it off. I totally got wrapped up in it! Good show! So I kind of got a little nervous when I saw the competition for Vocal Point and worried they just quite wouldn’t match up. Well, They blew everyone else out of the water! Awesome!


The Rolling Stones said,
“Also a judges’ favorite was Vocal Points, the clean-cut Mormons from Brigham Young University who like to serenade their ladies on “group dates.” These skilled singers did a funky arrangement of a relatively cheesy song, “Jump, Jive and Wail,” managing to make it interesting and impress the panel. Plus, they’re Mormons, and it’s hard to resist that charm. Sadly missing: a group member visiting his sick father in Australia.”

Whole article here

Go BYU Vocal Point… I think they are one of the favorites to win!

My other favorite group was Deliah… Two returning girls from our very own BYU’s Noteworthy. The lead, Amy, went to BYU. Check out the lungs on that girl!