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Some time ago I heard someone say that you should treat every person that you talk to as if they are going through their own life crisis and 90% of the time you are probably right. I’ve had my fair share of “life crisis” the past little while and I have had numerous friends come to my side to lift me up. I’m feeling confident in my future and excited about life. I figured it was time for me to reach out and share. These are just 3 talks that have made a big difference in my life the past few weeks.

The first is by the man pictured above, Neal A Maxwell. A very insightful talk that gives some amazing perspective on trials we face. I found myself wanting to highlight every sentence. Definitely a talk worth some time. Right now the site is down but I’m still providing the link below for another days read. Thanks Anna for sharing this with me!

But For a Small Moment

The next two talks are by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I don’t know if it’s right to have a favorite apostle, but he is by far my favorite. He is so genuine, charitable, bold, sound, and directed by the spirit when he speaks. When I listen to and read his talks I feel like the Lord himself is speaking to me. It’s so very personal and leads to revelation. Thank you Elder Holland for the influence and the insight that you have brought into my life. The first talk is about the mandatory to all subject of revelation. When life gets hard, when we have a bad day, when we are making big decisions, when we are just going through the motions of every day life, revelation is key to finding success. Elder Holland teaches us how better to understand and recognize revelation received.

Cast Not Away Thine Confidence

Another good trials talk given at BYU. I remember sitting in the Marriott Center listening to this one. Powerful!

Lessons from Liberty Jail

Have fun folks! Hope these can lift someone’s spirit!