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So this post is a test run for me… First post done from my cell phone. We’ll see how this works out. If you’ve ever lived in Provo you’ve probably found yourself at one point or another in the velour. I was first introduced to the velour as a young high schooler and have spent many a night listening to new bands and falling in love again with my old favorites. I have once again returned tonight to hear some new music out of seattle. I love the cello piano combo! Check out these videos! Hope they turn out.

Overall, the crowd has been quiet tonight and very respectful. I love new music! I wouldn’t listen to this in my car necessarily but the time to just sit and enjoy raw talent is refreshing. I’ll be back more often. I miss the velour…

Check out More of their stuff at: http://shenandoahdavis.bandcamp.com/

Or Just listen to some here: My favorite track so far is 5