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Welcome back BYU! One week ago was the first day of school after an all too short summer term off. Well, to be honest, I am ready for school to start again and I’m excited to get back into a set schedule. There is something comforting about knowing that I will have plenty to do. I find joy in productivity and I was tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel to be productive with my life. First week overall…. Good! I haven’t been super overwhelmed with my classes but that could just be because I LOVE my schedule! I have such amazing professors and the subject matter will definitely be interesting. I’m hoping to share some of what I learn on this blog.

I was a bit shocked that I really don’t know a lot of people in my classes this year. My Russian boys that I’ve studied with most have all moved on and are hitting the career world. I also haven’t seen a lot of people I know walking around campus. I hope that changes… Sometimes that really helps to keep me going.

I hope to be just as consistent with my blog, even though I am in school. Life is busy but I want to keep posting. It helps me to think about life from a different perspective. That’s good for me right now.

“Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.”