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That’s right! Milk…. chocolate milk. I have long underestimated the amazing benefits of the beverage of choice among youngsters nationwide. With the school lunches served in my elementary school cafeteria you had your choice between a small carton of regular 1% milk or low fat chocolate milk for no extra charge. Sounds too good to be true? For me it was…I usually brought sack lunches. Don’t lose hope just quite yet… In my cafeteria they sold the milk separately for a highly overpriced 10 cents (For a little guy that is a steep price to pay for your daily fix). For chocolate milk I never found difficulty scrounging up the money.

That was years ago. I had long forgotten my love or chocolate milk until my friend, Glenn, moved into my flat and brought his love for chocolate milk with him. The chocolate milk club was started not long after his arrival and for months I never saw neither Glen nor Dan drink anything BUT chocolate milk. I had a glass a time or two but mainly I enjoyed making fun of them for their obsession with childish beverages. Not much time passed before I was formally kicked out of the milk club. I wasn’t hurt too badly.

The other night I was on a late night Smith’s run with my cousin, Jenny, when a thirst for something cold led us to the chocolate milk section. Since purchasing that gallon on that special night I have learned so many interesting facts about chocolate milk. My personal favorites:

1) Store bought chocolate milk can be a lot of fun with a straw. Blow into the milk and watch as the bubbles begin.
2) For an after workout boost, chocolate milk’s ‘natural’ muscle recovery benefits match or may even surpass a specially designed carbohydrate sports drink.

3) It even has it’s own website!