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My best friend, Julia, started her first day teaching middle school today! She has put in a lot of work to prepare for her students and I am confident that she will be an amazing teacher. Being an educator is no easy task and it requires a lot of sacrifice. Growing up I never realized what a daunting task our teachers were up against. I mean I enjoyed school but I never truly understood all their hard work that made my education possible. Watching Julia prepare for her students has opened my eyes to how grateful I need to be to all of my teachers. Thanks to all of my teachers!

I’m no expert about education but I do love a good discussion about teaching methods and ideology. I have my own ideas about what works and what doesn’t but there is one thing that I know for certain… a teacher’s character far out weighs the methods or the subject matter that they teach. I found this quote today in my studies, I love it!

“My own memories of my teachers at Granite High… are basically now distilled into what they were in terms of their character. Forgotten are the specific lesson menus, but I remember the chefs! It’s likely to be that way with you. You will be remembered not only for what you taught but even more for what you are.”
-Neil A Maxwell

Julia’s students are one lucky group! Not only am I sure that her lessons are AWESOME but I know that who she is inspires those around her. She has a way to make everyone feel important. She really cares about others, especially her students. Her students will love her and remember her because she is a true friend. Here’s to Julia and all the other teachers who have inspired us, taught us, and befriended us! Good luck with the beginning of a new school year!