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So I’m feeling kind of lazy but I have a story to tell. I hope you can follow the plot.

Phone call. Girlfriend. bbq. tonight? Dessert? Ok. Me. Justin. Car. Roads. Talking. Stop light. Macey’s. Soft serve ice cream. Yummy! Sweets section. Home-made chocolate chip cookies. Check out. Self Serve. Scanner. Cookies. Bag. Money. Change. Door. Keys. Nissan. Streets. Intersection. Home. Parking lot. Justin. No cookies? Back seat. No cookies. Front seat. no cookies. Laughs. Really? Still no cookies. Ignition. Roads. Stop Light. Macey’s. Check out lady. Question. Cookies? Customer service. Question. Cookies? Receipt? No receipt. More Questions. Representatives’ hands. Cookies. My hands. Cookies. Doors. Car. Roads. Stop light. Julia. Driving. Bbq. Cookies! Delicious!

The END!

Maybe next time I’ll elaborate but I hope you caught the gist.

“Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?”
-Peter McWilliams