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Today is a special day my friends. I am posting the first poem of an inevitable string of poems by this man…
The one and only famous children’s poet, Shel Silverstein. As I’ve devoured two of his books in the past week, I’ve come to realize that the creative and silly poems that I loved as a child aren’t as trivial and meaningless as I had once thought. There is often a deeper meaning, or as my dear old friend Aesop would say, a moral. I’ve marked these poems with torn dull yellow pieces of lined paper and they will slowly but surely be shared with you in this blog. Sometimes the poems alone will be posted for your own interpretation. At other times the will be accompanied with my own thoughts, ideas, or points to be proven.

I had the pleasure of attending Julia’s graduation today and it got me to thinking about how we use the skills/talents/gifts/achievements that we work so hard to attain once we’ve obtained them. With that thought, I’m posting today’s poem in the form of a shout out to all of everyone who has ever graduated from anything. I guess that means YOU. With no further delay….

Congratulations Julia!

“Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast.”
-Epictetus Roman